What If: WWE Brawl For All 2.0

What If: WWE Brawl For All 2.0

So along with writing Top Lists, I give to you in 2015 the fun and wonderment of WWE What If?  A spectacle series posing the traditional question to explore alternate futures and alternate pasts for the worlds leading Sports Entertainment legacy.

To start off this fun tribute series we will discuss one off WWE’s more interesting fails.

First what is Brawl For All, it was a division in the Attitude area where wrestlers became boxers… Well more or less.  They took WWF wrestlers and made them participate in a modified boxing match, taking points for punches and takedowns. Those familiar with the product knows it resulted in 3 injuries including the end of Savio Vega. Lastly it resulted in placing the untrained Bart Gunn against a champion like Butterbean for an embarrassing loss.

So why oh why would we bring this highlight to such an epic fail?  Because it could have worked if WWE ran it like an extension of Sports Entertainment and not an attempt to be a real sport.

How you say?  Well lets first look at UFC vs WWE.  I mean if everything is your competition, then UFC is your competition.  So what better way to tackle the king of fighters than creating a controlled product that creates the feel of a real fight while reducing the risk?

I mean that is what we do in wrestling anyways. Why not push for a division that involves martial arts, boxing, and wrestling in a way that looks more like MMA but while maintaining the control and direction of WWE?

Start first with tweaking the rules. Contest ends on KO or Submission, in Brawl for All 2.0 points do not exist… Like who really feels satisfied when their guy wins in points?  It is a fight so you win or lose by merits of a fight damn it!

Secondly it should be in a cage so the high flying elements and interference are greatly hindered.  These guys must make the fight look real, so real MMA fans would watch, and that means complicated spots and over the top storylines like… Oh I don’t know… Bunnies for example never interfere.

In fact holding BFA in a cage means no run-ins.  This is about the fight. We want hard punches, lightning kicks, fast suplexes and takedowns, and smooth submissions.

Referee will wear gear and gloves specific to the division, wrestlers will also lose the boots and tights to follow a WWE modified MMA appeal for these matches.

This will create a look and feel to the fights that will give this division a hard innovative edge.  And if WWE allows their best to innovate the style of combat as it develops with the same predetermined magic that revolutionized wrestling in the first place, you may just get a whole new division for the WWE of tomorrow!

Oh yea and my top eleven names to participate in Brawl For All 2.0 is as follows and in no particular order:

  1. Ryback: The Human Wrecking Ball
  2. Triple H: The Cerebral Assasin
  3. Daniel Bryan: Ultimate Submission Wrestler
  4. Big Show: Largest and Most Dominant Athelete on Earth
  5. John Cena: Mr. Never Give Up
  6. Mark Henry: Worlds Strongest Man
  7. Rusev: Federation Super Athelete
  8. Cesaro: The Swiss Superman
  9. Luke Harper: Flying Wild Man
  10. Bray Wyatt: Eater of Worlds
  11. Brock Lesnar: The Beast Incarnate